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If you have been in your new home for almost a year, remember the clock is ticking on that one year
builder warranty. After the one year anniversary you give up almost any chance you have in getting
your builder to correct any issues you may have. Getting a professional Warranty Inspection is the
way to give your builder a written document that has all of the warranty issues known up to the time
of the inspection. Then you can put your builder on notice about these problems and the builder has
no recourse but to correct or address the problems, even if it goes beyond your warranty period.
Putting them on notice with the report before your warranty expires is extremely important.

I will inspect all of the readily accessible and visible structural elements and major systems of your
home. Items typically included in an inspection are:

Roof, Attic, Insulation
Exterior - Framing and Cladding (wall cover), Grading, Doors & Windows, Garage & Garage Doors
Structure (Foundations, Walls, Floors, Slab, etc)
Interior - Wall Cover, Floor Cover, Windows, Doors, Appliances
Heating and Air Conditioning

When the inspection is complete, I will tell you of any problems that were discovered and discuss
them with you. I'll point out any safety concerns that are evident. I will print out a full computerized
report with photos where necessary and email you a digital copy for your records.

I will also tell you about any routine maintenance that should be performed, as well as answer any
questions that you may have. The inspection is meant to inform you of anything that might affect
your new home.

It is in your best interest not let the time run out on your warranty before you get everything
corrected. You may schedule your Warranty Inspection anytime. My recommendation is to have one
performed within 3 months of your warranties expiration. Some homeowners schedule a warranty
inspection months in advance so that it will not be forgotten.

Contact me as soon as possible to schedule your Warranty Inspection. (612) 701-9672
Reassurance Home Inspection Specializes in St. Paul Home Inspection Services, Minneapolis Property Inspections, and Minnesota Home Inspection Services.
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