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Reassurance Home Inspection LLC
Reassurance Home Inspection LLC
First Time Home Buyers
Buying your first home can be a little nerve racking. Besides being the biggest investment you may have done to this point, there are home inspections, appraisals, lenders, and closing companies to deal with. Your realtor can usually help with many of these things but when it comes to the home inspection and questions about the house you are considering, rest assured that I am here for you; before, during, and after the inspection. This is an educational process. You hire a home inspector to go through the house and find out what the condition of the house is and then educate you about everything he has found. Not only do you need a home inspector that can identify the problems but is knowledgeable about all aspects of a home and can discuss these problems in terms you can understand. The inspection report should also have detailed descriptions of the homes defects and recommendations on the action that should be taken to correct these defects. If you and your Realtor are going to negotiate anything, you are going to need that kind of information. My discussions with you during the "walk through" and my reports are very detailed and will help you understand the true condition of the home you are considering. I am always available long after the inspection if things "come up" and you need advice or clarity on anything concerning your home. This process of choosing a home inspector should be simple...choose a company that can deliver the information you need and be there for you in the future if needed. I don't like people getting ripped off so if you have a question, call me, even if you don't use me for the inspection I will help you. If I don't know the answer, I will try to find someone who does. I am easy to contact and always try to answer my phone in case you need an immediate answer.

When I inspect a home, I spend hours educating myself about every possible aspect that a home buyer may need to know so I can pass that information onto you, so you are as knowledgeable about the house as I am. Finding the things that may be of concern is just the first step. Taking the time to explain, being able to explain those concerns, why they happened, and what can be done, is the information you need to feel comfortable moving ahead. This is why "first time home buyers" are glad they chose
Reassurance Home Inspection LLC to inspect their home. Many buyers, after using other home inspectors on previous home purchase attempts, comment that I am the best home inspector they have experienced. It is that kind of comment that lets me know that my inspections, reports, and quality of education you receive about the home you are considering, are second to none.

I offer a detailed inspection, a great narrative inspection report with photos, repair and maintenance procedure and suggestions, approximate repair cost estimates when possible, and a very informative walk through with you, room by room, inside and out, to explain the concerns and workings of the home.

I look forward to helping you through this process.
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Information. That's what you need at this point. Is the house good? Do the mechanicals work? Are there many repairs that need to be done right away? Is everything safe? Any health issues? Are there any costly defects that may prevent me from buying this home or that should be negotiated?
I provide you with the information you need and should have
Virtual Home Inspection Tour!

This brief tour has eight sections that display photographic examples and audio clips of what a standard home inspection includes. The video cannot possibly detail every item that is inspected, but it does provide a general sense for what an inspection includes.
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